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TGT's "A Green Tea Notebook"

TGT's "A Green Tea Notebook"
The Green Teaist published its first edition (2010) of “A Green Tea Notebook” to provide a basic introduction to the world of fine green teas produced in Japan.   It includes a brief history of teas and the place of green teas of Japan in the tea universe, beginning over 3,000 years ago.  Each of the many different varieties of green teas, as the book describes, has unique and subtle differences in fragrance and taste.  More importantly, the book provides clear instructions on the proper steeping of each of the green teas served at The Green Teaist Salon in Lake Forest.

“A Green Tea Notebook” includes famous quotations from Chinese, Japanese, English and American tea connoisseurs over the ages.  The book is a cultural reference on all things relating to green tea as well as a diary, with lined fine paper, on which the reader may wish to enter personal observations on the “green tea experience.”

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